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Submission ID Manager Question
I installed Submission ID Manager. Looks like I installed it correctly. But I cant edit the ID'S or maybe I'm not doing it right. When I go to edit a submission, the id is not editable. Do I do it somewhere else?

Basically, what I wanted to do, is change the id from 1 to 001 and I want this to happen to all the incoming submissions. And ofcourse to get rid of all my test submission numbers. Is this possible?
Never mind (on the where) I just answered my own question Smile I had to click on the "select" next to the module. Cant believe I missed that!

I still cant set it to have 3 digits though. (001) If this cant be done, no big deal, I can start it at 100, would be nice to start it from 001 though.
Yeah, zero-padding is a neat idea... though I would probably handle that on the interface level rather than the database, which is where the Submission ID Manager module works.

I'll keep this in mind for future upgrades!

- Ben

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