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I'm trying to install reCAPTCHA and utilize the API with my forms, but where do I place the keys? The docs say in api.php "at the very top," but I see no variables already listed for them.

Am I supposed to define the variables as such, underneath the "$g_api_version" and "$g_api_recaptcha_error" variables?

PHP Code:
$g_api_recaptcha_private_key "6LcFewUAAAAAABZ2p9N9miHezsofyEPk6gGTrauq";
$g_api_recaptcha_public_key "6LcFewUAAAAAAGqWqcCC7gsPz_DKJVuqbcF7hmuH"

I'm trying to get this to work, but i've spent hours trying to figure all of this out. Sometimes PHP is tricky. Wink Slowly but surely..
Sorry, Ryan!

You should add those two settings to your /global/config.php file, not the api.php file - the docs were outdated, there. The config.php file is always safe when it comes to upgrading: it's never overwritten. The api.php file sometimes is, hence the need to place the variables in that file.

I'll go hunting through the docs right now to fix it. Sorry again!

- Ben
Ahh... ok. Thanks. Wink I'll have to attempt my implementation again a little later.
Docs are fixed, btw.

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