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Field Defaults disappear from View 'General' settings
Using FormTools 2.2.6. For one of my Internal Forms, I added 2 field defaults under the 'General' tab on a particular View. They worked fine, and the defaults showed up perfectly when I created a new record. I then added 9 additional field defaults for the same View. Made sure to click 'Update' after adding them. Added a new test submission, and only the original 2 field defaults showed up, none of the additional 9 defaults were present. Went back to the General tab for the View, and All the default settings were now gone. Yes, even the original 2 that were working fine.

?? Thinking this is a bug ?

I'll add my defaults back using the hooks manager this time, hard coding them there, as that was a heck of a lot of typing to set those defaults up, and I don't want to risk losing them from the View area again. But, wanted to report it as possible bug in the Form View, General Tab, Default Settings area of the code.

All 11 fields are 'text area' fields, and the default field data was anywhere from 60 to 200 characters in length -- if that helps to figure out what may have caused this to happen.

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