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Field 'last modified'
I am using a test installation of form tools beta with the old petition form
(just updated today).

If I go to submissions/view and than edit any data set, I find there a the correct input for 'last modified' (at first same as 'date').

If I go to 'display' and than 'click here' to view the file there all data sets show for 'last modified': Nov 30th, 12:00 AM.

What's going wrong?

Other Question:
Can I show the view file (html) with all data sets with a static url
(public viewing of all subscribers for a petition form)?

Hey Maxx,

Thanks for the post!

The first problem is actually a bug with the Export Manager. I'll include a fix for this in the next release (later tonight or tomorrow). But that will only affect people doing fresh installations. To fix it, do the following:

  1. Go to your Export Manager (Modules -> Export Manager)
  2. Edit the "HTML / Printer-friendly" export type group.
  3. Click the second tab ("Export Types")
  4. Edit the "Table format" option.
  5. In the Smarty Template field, find the following line (it's near the end):
    {elseif $col_name == "last_modified_date"}
    Then, change the line AFTERWARDS to this: {$submission.last_modified_date|custom_format_date:$timezone_offset:$date_format}

The problem was that that line incorrectly referenced the wrong variable for the last modified date field. If you don't have any luck with it, wait until I release the updated Beta version of the Export Manager (soon!), uninstall the module from within Form Tools, then upload the new version to your server and do a fresh install. That'll fix it!

Concerning your second problem, this is a job for the API! This page explains exactly how to do it:

That's a function that was written for this very purpose.

As with most things around here (!) it's very new and I've only tested it with earlier versions of the code. So be sure to post back if you run into
any trouble or my documentation isn't clear.

- Ben
Thank you so much Ben,

I will try to get it work and if I run into any
trouble, it doesn't hurt because I'm only
do it for testing/learning :-).


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