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install probs
i have a prev version of formTools; however, rather than upgrading i decided to md-> for this new version; however, when i land on the /install/ page the only thing i see is the letter P everywhere. On the left where there should be a menu, i see 1.P 2.P 3.P 4.P... in a vertical alignment. the frame on the right again, i see P followed by an input box on the right.

I opened my older version of install file + enetered all the information [assuming the fields and their values were the same eg: step3.php asks for the information defined in the config.php], etc. then when i click on the 'P' button [which should be continue] I get hung up on the config.php screen.

I read through the 2 install bug threads, edited my library.php to UN-comment //require_once("$folder/code/stabilizer.php"); since my zipDownload was already commented to see if that made a difference and no difference....

Any thoughts? help?

ps. i did set all 3 themes/__/cache permissions to 777 ? cause when i first attempted the install -nothing- was appearing, after setting those permissions, i got the formTools logo and all the P's...

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Wow, that's kind of a cool bug... I have seen something like this with some Form Tools 1 installations, and I recall it was something to do with the translation file... but that's pretty much it. I couldn't track down any related post on the FT1 forums, so I'm rather out of ideas.

If possible, could you set up a temporary FTP account so I could log on and debug it directly? I'd need to know your installation URL too.

If not, post me back. You may want to also search the FT1 forums - I know this problem has cropped up for someone else too, but I didn't find it. Perhaps you'll have more luck than me!

- Ben
i downloaded the language file separately [from here] + ftp'd to replace the one that came with the zip. surprisingly, the P's disappeared + actual letters + sentences I can see now. However, i can see some code, like on the first page....
eg: If you have already run the installation script, delete the <b>/install</b> folder then <a href="../" class="bold">click here to log in</a>.

Now, however, my installation is getting stuck on creating the config.php ... i made sure to //re-comment-out that stabilizer as you mentioned and un-commenting it again, i've tried creating the config file myself and still cannot get past that step. when i url to step 5 and enter my admin acct info, i get an error as if i never even populated the form...? so i can't get past that either. Not sure.

btw. thank you for such a quick response!

I have not been able to solve this problem; meaning i got as far as seeing the letters, and i forced through the url to step 5 since step 4 config.php page kept getting stuck there; however, that did little good cause i'm missing links on the admin interface that i believe should be there.

I'm having other problems as well, including not being able to upload files through code or direct initialization of multipage forms and i believe it's due to the inproper formTools install execution. I also notice there are little kwarks that should be working that are not, for ex: all links on admin interface are not links they are blank code, features that should be avail are not; i'm just not sure if i'm the only one experiencing these probs.

i would really appreciate some feedback. If not, no worries, i can always revert back to version 1 - although it's very caveman compared to this one. but the funtionality of it far exceeds that of this 2nd version due to its inherit bugs.

Hey Miz,

I just emailed you. Sorry about the wait on this - hectic week! I'd still very much like to debug this problem.

- Ben

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