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Unable to Add a new field
When I add a new field and add all details of it & then click on "Update" button for the page...nothing happens...Update does not get triggered.

When I click on "Save Change" icon for that newly added field (at the end), the pop-up where I can edit all the filed information says:

This is a new field. You will need to update the main page before being able to fully edit this field.

I click the "Save Changes" button in the popup, and the following message is displayed at the top of the fields tab:
The changes to your field(s) have been saved.

Now if I switch to main tab & then click "update", update button fires, but then when I go back to the fields tab, the newly added field is not there!

Not sure what is going on & how the UI is supposed to work....can anyone give some pointers on how to "save" the newly added field to the DB? It is urgent & any help is much appreciated.
Seems like it was the issue in IE 9. When I used Chrome, I was able to Update the page & save the new field to the database successfully.

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