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Adding to My Webiste
Forms have always been a problem for me... It really seems like Form Tools will be the answer for me.... But I am stuck on a very basic areas...

I believe I have read most of the instructions and tutorials, but I guess my limited understanding of PHP forms is keeping me in the dark. The answer is probably so simple that there was no need to place it in your documentation! But I could really use some help on this one....

I have gone through the steps with Form Tools to create a basic contact form (name, email, phone, and a comment box). It looks nice when I view it in Form Tools. I read and tried to add a reCaptcha (which I also need for my form)... BUT I am at a loss as to the PHP form code I need to place the even this basic form on my website's contact page.

Does Form Tools generate a file of the PHP Form code I need to place on my contact page? If so, where is it?

Or perhaps I could obtain a sample of the specific PHP code for the form that would access what I have created in Form Tools.

I would truly appreciate some help on this matter.

Thanks so much,
Let me know if that ever gets solved, you're not alone.

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