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Form submits, but generate blank page
Hi there,

Hopefully this is something simple I have missed.

Everything installed perfectly, and my form setup went ok, I changed the parameters at the top of the form as required. However, when I now submit my form it gets added to the database and emails are sent, but I just get a blank page without forwarding to my thankyou page. The thankyou page is accessible and verifed.

The contents of the blank page appear to be just the number 1.

Any help is really appreciated.

Hi LargeRabbit,

Sorry you're having trouble! Try temporarily disabling all email templates and re-try submitting your form. I've seen this happen a couple of times that was caused by invalid content in email templates, though your emails are getting through... still, worth trying.

Other than that, try adding the following line to your /global/config.php file:
PHP Code:
$g_default_error_reporting 2047

Then see if you get any errors when submitting the form.

- Ben

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