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can't find form-builder in my module-list
Hi I posted this in modules thread but didn't get an answer.

can't find form-builder in my module-list

Hello I'm new. I just uploaded 2.2.6 on 3/11/2015

I'm using godaddy, I used their installatron to install form-tools.

I can see form-builder in my c-panel file-manager, in the module folder.

but I can't find form-builder in my module-list.

Thanks for any help
I figured out what happened!

Godaddy's Installatron installed the modules-file in the admin folder. (I figured that out by looking at the URL of the working module list)

I first tried to install form-tools, manually on my own, in a folder I had made and failed.
And I was trying to install form-builder in the failed location.

I used the cPanel-File-manager to drag and drop the "form builder"-file into the ""modules"-file at the correct location.
Now I can see it in the working module list.

Thank you Alexh for replying in the "Modules thread" you were right "That's weird"!

I tried to reinstalled form-builder by first putting it into the modules file, in my computer, then uploading the whole modules file, replacing the original.

When that didn't work, I started comparing the URL of the working modules list and the location I was tying to add form-builder, when I used FileZilla.

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