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How to check a file field in Submission Pre-Parser?
I have a FormTools form with 2 file fields, named "PhotoMain" and "PhotoAlt". I have added a text field on the form named "HasPhoto", which I would like to automatically indicate whether the user has added a file in any of the 2 file fields or not.

I thought of using the submission pre-parser with the following code:
if ($_POST["form_tools_calling_function"] == "ft_update_submission")
  if  (isset($_POST["PhotoMain"]) ||
  $_POST["HasPhoto"] = "Y";
  {$_POST["HasPhoto"] = "N";

but that seems to do nothing when an entry is updated. I have also tried to use empty() instead of isset() without any success.

Could somebody help (even by pointing me to the right direction)?


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