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Bug in Field Option Group?
Hi guys,

I noticed something weird when I created a form where I have 1 drop down.
The drop down is a country list with 237 values. The smart fill (while running the form creation wizard) populated only the first 93 country names, the others had blank entries.
When trying to create a form option group manually, the settings were not saved at all. I tried several forms for input, even a standard html page with just 1 form/field: country with 237 option lines. But this didn't do the job either.
Eventually I just added the rows with SQL Smile
Aside from that everything seems to work just perfect!

Hi Erwin,

Interesting! Would it be possible for you to post that dropdown field that had the problem - or even the entire source of the page? The page should be able to tackle forms of any size and fields with any number of options so I'm wondering if maybe there's something in the markup that's confusing it.

Thanks, Erwin!

- Ben
Sure Ben. Please find it attached.


Attached Files
.html   Untitled-2.html (Size: 15.51 KB / Downloads: 7)
Hmm... curious! Glancing over the page, the markup is very clean and looks well formed. I'll try adding that form page through a local build tonight and get back to you then.

Speak soon!

- Ben
Hi Erwin,

I checked it out, but it worked fine. In fact, it only took 2 seconds or so to process.

If you encounter more problems, let me know. For now I think I'll just let this slide since it's working okay for you now.

All the best -

Could this been caused here by memory problems on the server?
It also takes a long time to refresh/update pages.
Yeah, it sounds like a server environment issue is probably the cause - either memory or something else.

Let me know if other problems crop up.

- Ben

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