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Separating Adding a form entry from editing existing entries
Hi all,
First this is a great tool. However, I did notice something weird.
I did try to create a view to restrict editing existing form entries but when one is then adding an entry, the fields are not editables.
Is there a way to allow addition of new form entries but prevent someone from editing already created entries?
It seems that both are tied.


I would suggest you to comment add button in template/default/client/forms/index.tpl and template/default/client/forms/edit_submission.tpl

then add make a from through from_builder publish it. Put the generated url in menu.tpl give it if condition {if $SESSION.account.account_id == "2" || "3"} close the if condition {/if} 2 & 3 means account ID of clients.

Paste the url generated via form builder.

Create option list with user list. Use client custom field create new field with name tag for client by name assign option to dropbox containing user list. Now go to client ---> Edit select tag as user name that particular account belongs to. Edit your form make a new field submitted by field type dropbox then click on view select filter submitted by field equal tag.

Hope this tick will work for you.

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