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Swift Mailer passes test, but won't work in custom form
hey there, first of all i want to say thank you to all the people who were involved in building this awesome tool. Too bad didn't find it earlier ;-)

But here is my question: could anybody picture a reason why swift mailer would pass the test from within the module's configuration (it's not just saying it worked, i actually receive the test email as well), but
1) an empty page appears after i submit a custom form which used to work (showed the thank you page and saved submitted data to mysql) before i enabled swift mailer.
2) using the 'test email' function within the custom form configuration tells me 'internal server error'.

Probably both is caused by the same issue, i'm just kind of helpless as the swift mailer himself seems to work fine.

Never mind, writing about things makes one thinking about them as well xD

Anybody having this problem: make sure you have entered an 'return address' that belongs to the account from which you've entered the smtp settings.

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