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Problem: no add form button
Hi, thanks for the great product, I'm excited to use it. I am borderline technical enough to get through the installation. I actually created a database on my site and everything, I'm fairly proud that the installation seemed to accept it, but that's besides the point. So when I got the admin panel step I filled in the fields and submitted to be taken to a blank page. I skipped out of all that and refreshed my website forum page ( to see what was up and hopefully start creating my firm form. However the page only had the logo and a statement about how I don't have any forms. There is nothing else on the page.

I hope someone can point me in a direction to resolve this! Thanks in advance for reading and any help.

screen shot
Hey, great job getting it all set up!

Are you logging in as the admin account you set up? If you are logging in with a secondary user account you won't see the add button.
lol I didn't even think of that! Thanks, I will check it out.

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