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SQL Error two different web sites
I have tried to install Forms 2.0 on two different web sites I have going. Doing set up I run into an error at the EXACT same step for each web site.

I set up a detailed step by step explanation of my process for my web hosts to look at. They haven't come up with an answer yet.

Here is the step by step of what happens:

Here are the two web sites contact pages in question:

If you click on the submit button on each form (above links), you will see it takes you to the proper Forms Toll Acceptance page.

If someone could help, would appreciate it!

Warmest regards,

Quote:"I have researched the issue and found that FormTools has not been updated by the developers since 2012, and unfortunately is not compatible with the newer versions of MySQL. At this time we recommend finding a different tool for creating forms for your websites."

Just got an answer from our web host customer service. It appears FormsTools is not updated for the latest versions of SQL. So it will never work on our websites.


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