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Return field value

I'm using the api to retrieve submissions which works well. However my dropdown list has the following entries....

Order Field Value Display Text
1 ami-f5f86b82 Centos6-template-clean

But when I try and get the information back in an xml format I only ever get the display text.

How can I retrieve the Filed value instead?

This is the code I'm using.....

$page = ft_api_load_field("page", "page", 1);
ft_api_show_submissions(1, 1, 7, $return_as_string);

And this is the result.....

<col_5><![CDATA[EU (Ireland)]]></col_5>
<submission_date><![CDATA[2015-06-22 11:50 AM]]></submission_date>
<last_modified_date><![CDATA[2015-06-22 12:14 PM]]></last_modified_date>

Any ideas?



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