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Blank Screen When Selecting Update on Edit Submission
Hey there,

When I try to edit any of my submissions and select the update button at the bottom of the form, instead of being directed back to the form with the updated information I am given a blank screen.

If I go back to the form itself manually I can see the information has indeed been updated.

Prior to this it would always automatically redirect you back to the form with the new data.

I have ran system check and found no errors.
Also, whenever I login the page will direct be to index.php and it will be a blank page. Only when I highlight the URL and hit enter will I be logged in.

PS - This only became a problem after I rebooted my server. I have another web service running on the same server using a different framework and it's experiencing no problems.

Any help at all would be tremendously appreciated.

Edit: I've found a similar post on the forum here but their problem only effected clients. Both Clients and Administrators are effected by the issues in my environment. I also cleared out /themes/classicgrey/cache with no luck. I also replaced formtools with a backup from a few days ago (known working) with no changes.

Edit2: I was able to temporarily resolve the issue by commenting out this line of code on the edit_submission.php file found both in clients/forms/ and admin/forms list($g_success, $g_message) = ft_update_submission($form_id, $submission_id, $request);
I am still unsure of the why behind it though.

Edit3: commenting out that line made it appear as if the information was submitted but after going back into the form, anything that I had thought was submitted was actually nulled out. Maybe this has something to do with the MYSQL database?

Edit4: I believe I found a working solution! I had to add the following PHP code to the edit_submission.php file for both the client and the admin.

header("location: $g_root_url/admin/forms/edit_submission.php?form_id=$form_id&view_id=$view_id&submission_id=$submission_id");

The above code is for the edit_submission.php file under admin/forms/ if you need to change the client file you'll need to change the url from /admin/forms/edit_submission.php to /clients/forms/edit_submission.php

I haven't had a whole lot of time to go through the code but this seems to be working. It's uploading data to the MYSQL database and it's also redirecting the user back to appropriate form with the newly populated data.

If anyone sees any problems with this, has any recommendations or anything then please let me know.


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