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zip code issues
I am having a problem with zip codes in the excel database download. The issue arises when a zip code starts with 0...for example 05401. The number transferred to the database is 5401 without the zero. Is there some way to format this field automatically upon submission of the form? It can be formatted after downloading the database, but I don't want to have to replicate the step every time I download the database. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi got2web,

Interesting. Are you sure that the zero is missing in the database? It's very possible that it's being stored properly (in fact, my hunch is that it IS stored), but PHP and/or Excel is being "clever" and dropping it.

Adding an additional prefix, like a dot or an apostrophe might be the way to go (an apostrophe in a cell apparently tells Excel that the following content is text - so that may help). This would be done through the Export Manager's Excel export type; see this thread for more info:

Hope that helps a bit.

- Ben

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