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Question couldn't more basic but I'm blocked
Hi there,
I've just successfullly installed form Tools with my database set up bla bla bla, everything ok.

Except that ...
I want to create an "external form" :
"External forms are forms that already exist on your website, or somewhere on the web. Select this option if you have your own form which you'd like to integrate with Form Tools."

Very well, but what's a "form" exactly ?
I may have a langage barrier because I'm french with technical meanings slightly different ?

I'm using Web Creator 7 which propose objects like "Form", which can be 4 different types :

- "Datapost", a kind of internal solutions
- "Send by email", where all you have is an email address field to direct to
- "Web adress", where all you have is an http field to direct to
- "Javascript", where you have a field "Action"

None of those option seems to work (I tried all) and I'm still waiting for an answer from support.

Maybe the key could be know the begin/end tag of a "Form" ?
Where is the Form Tools code supposed to be inserted exactly ?

If anyone can help, I will appreciate a lot.
All the best.
A very kind answer from from Joseph I report here for other users :

An External Form is basically anything that can post data online. The form can be HTML, PHP, ASP, even Flash. If you are able to pass along data online then it is a "form" that can connect with Form Tools. You will need the ability to edit the HTML. I think that may be part of the disconnect if you are using a web builder.

I'm assuming that Web Creator 7 is a web page builder of some sort that generates HTML. Once you have the HTML generated you will need to edit the HTML so that you can add in a value to the action attribute in the form tag. It will be something like this:

<form action="" name="form_name" class="some_form" method="post">

<input type="hidden" name="form_tools_form_id" value="your_form_value" />

The highlighted area is what you will need to add to the HTML in your form tag. The hidden field tag is a tag you will need to add into your form to indicate what form you wish to connect to in Form Tools. You'll need to add the tag into your form.

When adding a form please review:

Thank you very much Joseph : this understood, the rest of the installation was a piece of cake ! I'm now digging for advanced options...

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