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Backend "add submissions" question
Hi there,

I have set up a "view" that would allow my office staff to hand enter submissions for an event that have been mailed or faxed in etc. When I am logged in as Admin the "add submission" button works well, launching a blank submission form. When I am logged in as a User (client) however the "add submission" button will not launch the blank submission form. It does add a record set but the way I have it set up you then need to switch views (to all submissions) to find it and then click the "edit" button to get into it and star typing. This adds two extra steps.

I have looked through the user settings to see if there is something to obvious to change but can't find anything. Seems strange that the behavior of that button switches between the Admin and the User.

Any thoughts on why this should be?
Hi Mikey,

Sorry for the wait! Waaay too much work around here.... gotta quit that day job. ;-)

Quote:When I am logged in as a User (client) however the "add submission" button will not launch the blank submission form. It does add a record set but the way I have it set up you then need to switch views (to all submissions) to find it and then click the "edit" button to get into it and star typing. This adds two extra steps.

Very interesting... this sounds like a bug, sort of...

From what you described, this is what's happening: when the staff adds a new submission it gets created properly, but it doesn't appear in their default View because presumably you've added a View filter to limit what's returned. Correct?

We should be able to solve this problem with the Hooks Manager module, but I'll need to know a little more details about what filter has been applied first. Namely: what sort of filter has been applied (Client Map or Standard) and a little info about the field itself.

Post me back - and if I'm totally off base, let me know!

- Ben
Hi Ben, thanks for getting back on this.

You are correct in that I have created about 4 different "views" that filter the submissions based on criteria that forms our work flow. New, Pending, Confirmed, Deleted etc.

I also created a view called "paper applications" and allowed users to add submissions for here. We don't need to enter all of the data from the paper application into the form tools database, just enough to manage their application from "New" through "Confirmed" so, in this view I have limited the number of fields that are visible so as to make it easier for my staff to enter the data. So, that's the theory and here are the issues.

1. When logged in as Admin, I can select the "Paper Applications" view, click "add" and a blank form is immediately launched in the browser with the limited fields as I want it. When logged in as a User, you click "add" and seemingly nothing happens. It does create a new record set but doesn't launch the blank form... also you can't see it as the "paper applications" view is filtered based on the value of a field you haven't had a chance to select yet! In order to find the blank submission the user must now change views to "all submissions", find the blank submission and then click "edit". They are now faced with all of the fields (not just the ones that I need them to enter) so I have instructed them to only select the field that "paper application" view is filtered on, then update the submission, change views back to "paper application" re-open the submission and then enter the data! It's a pretty convoluted way to do it! I guess adding a submission from the "all submissions" view would cut down a couple of steps here yet it would be great if the user worked in the same way as the admin.

2. One other thing, currently you can only "add" a submission in a view when it already has a submission in it. When there are no submissions showing the "add" button is not viable. Not a big deal, yet in my application I really only created the "view" as a sort of substitute front end form, not to filter those submissions after they have been added.

Am I making any sense!

Hi Mike,

Yes, you're making perfect sense!

#2 is surprising. I thought I fixed that a while back. You are running 2.0.0 final (non-Beta), correct? Also, what theme are you using for the client account?

#1 I understand better now, thanks. It's an interesting problem. I guess the question is: how should it behave? Since the "Add" button can appear on any View, perhaps the most intuitive solution would be to have it create a new, blank submission PLUS whatever criteria was specified for that current View. For example, if the View limited results to "Pending" then when the user clicks "Add" it would create that blank View, but also set it to "Pending". Or, whatever other criteria was specified by that View.

That way, the process would be seamless from a UI perspective. They wouldn't create it then have it disappear on them because it just didn't apply to.

My only concern is that people will lose their way. e.g. they could pick a View, forget about it, then start adding records, unaware that all the records they're creating are being given default values for whatever the field or fields are that are limiting the results in that View.

Hmm... complicated stuff. What do you think?

- Ben
Hey Ben,

Yes, we are using the 2.0.0 core version and the theme is set to the classic grey.

I like the solution that you proposed yet understand the potential issues of having the criteria already set for you when you click the add button. I think that it's cleanest to have it just launch the blank form in the browser when you click the add button. Really, when logged in as Admin it works perfectly, why should work in a different way for a user?

Hey Mike,

True - the two user account types are very similar in this regard, except that clients can have "Client Map filters" associated with the Views through which they see the data. That just means that there can be a particular value in the client's own user account that is mapped to a value in the form. So it would have to work a little differently; client map filters are just ignored when browsing the submissions with an admin account.

But anyway, I've logged this as a bug - it should definitely be consistent for as much as it can. From what you've described, there's definitely an issue there.

I'm a little backlogged with FT development work right now being held up with updating the translations management tool. But I should be wrapping up that pretty soon and I can start on 2.0.1-Beta.

Sorry for the wait! And I do appreciate the detailed explanation of the problem - that really helped.

- Ben
Hey Mike,

And you're absolutely correct about the "Add" button not appearing for client accounts. I've logged this as a bug as well.

Unfortunately it's also a Core fix, so it'll need wait until 2.0.1. Pop back in a week or two; I hope to get the ball rolling on that pretty soon.

- Ben
Hey Ben,

Thanks for the updates on that and I will hold out for the 2.01 version. Sorry for the delay oin getting back to you, for some reason I didn't receive the replies by email


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