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Enabling Email Send on submission breaks FT 2.0.0
I have a form setup and accepting results. If I enable the email send on submission the form fails at 'process.php': no data reaches the database and no email gets sent out and the redirect/complete page is never reached.

Turning off the email send option allows the form to work as expected: storing the data in the DB and then forwarding to the specified redirect/complete page.

The email address is valid and receives email otherwise.

Anyone have any ideas? Is this a known issue with FT 2.0.0?

Hey Steve,

I think I responded to this in another thread (or I could be losing track...!) but it sounds like there's a problem with your email template.

I haven't had any problems with the email functionality with 2.0.0 myself, but that's not to say they don't exist.

Mind posting your email template(s) so I could see the syntax to check there's nothing wrong?

- Ben

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