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Password Hash
I'm using formtools as somewhat of a "registration" system. Basically, the user completes a basic registration form on the site. The data is then inserted directly into the ft_accounts table. The username and password are most important, everything else simply defaults. I'm using an md5 hash for the password. I've tested the hash value's being stored, and they seem to be correct. For example "5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99" should be "password" ...but for whatever reason, when the user tries to log in, I'm receiving a "password not correct" error.

Any thoughts?

Hey Brian,

Hmm... Are you double-encrypting the password? Form Tools does that for all client & admin account passwords, e.g. md5(md5("password"));

That would be my first hunch.

- Ben
Wow...I can't believe I didn't realize this from the start! That was exactly it. Thanks Ben!
No worries! Smile

- Ben

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