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Suddently, cannot login
Hello, we've been using FT 1.4.1 successfully to manage conference registrations for some years now. All of a sudden, we cannot login to administer FT:

Upon inserting the correct admin username/password (also verified via phpmyadmin), we get the response "Sorry, that password does not match." When we request the password sent via email, it replies "Your login information has been emailed to you." however the email never arrives.

As I said the admin username/pass seems to be correct, but something seems to be triggering the logout.php.

The only change we made recently was a temporary 24 hour deactivation of the virtual hosting that hosts FT, while the form itself was available online at one of our other virtual hosts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Hi Patrinos,

Ack, what a pain! These forums are actually for Form Tools 2, not 1.x releases, but I think I can still help. Do you have access to the database, ideally via a tool like phpMyAdmin?

What you'll need to do is reset the password in the accounts table (or user_accounts... I forget... it's been a long time since I looked at the Form Tools 1 code!). Just view the table records and find the row corresponding to the user account that you're having problems with. Then update the password field to whatever you want.

Form Tools 1 doesn't encrypt the passwords (bad!) but it does make updating them easy.

- Ben
Hi Ben and thank you for the magnificent support all these years.

Your suggestion PLUS a "repair table" (under Operations in phpmyadmin) on ft_user_accounts DID it.

You are master, thanks again.

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