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header("location: in Verification page re-directs back to homepage not thanks
Hi and thank you for a great product. I have used FT on many sites and love it. This time I am trying to incorporate it into a cms with the review. I have it working up until the point where after they review their information they click submit and now it just re-directs them to the homepage not allowing me to setup the form with ft.

the way the cms creates the pages is it is index.php?page= and the page but no matter what I seem to put in there it will not work properly. I am not sure if this is the way it is being handled within the cms or if there is something I can change to make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the post!

I'm actually not totally clear on what you're doing: so you're integrating Form Tools itself from within the CMS, or just a form? It sounds like you're adding the entire Add Form process within the CMS - is that correct? If so, very exciting!

Maybe provide a few more details on this and I'll see if I can lend a hand. Since Form Tools is Smarty-templated, how are you integrating the two systems?

[EDIT]: Never mind, I just re-read it again and I think I understand it better now. So you're trying to get a FORM running from within the CMS. Try this: in the "redirect URL" field for the form, make sure your redirect URL has the index.php?page=XXX value so that the CMS can make sense of it.

- Ben

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