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Textarea data is being truncated
I have a simple FormTools 2 (v2.0.0-beta-20100101) contact form with PHP validation and reCaptcha. The form works perfectly except that the data for the textarea "message" section gets cut off around 255 characters. I have confirmed that the field size is set to "Very Large" - I have even tried setting it smaller and then resetting it. Nothing seems to work!

I don't believe there is anything in the HTML that would limit characters.

Here is a screenshot of the database settings taken from PHPmyadmin:

Thank you for any help!

[Of course, the messages always seem to get cut off at the most important part!]

Had a similar problem myself,, and from memory this happens to others as well.

I've resolved it by either scrapping the form and redoing it (can be a pain) or removing the offending fields from the db and then re-adding them.

Hope that helps.
I deleted the field from the form and created a new one with a different name.

I added the new field to the form with the proper length. Everything seems to work fine now!
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