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Send Email to All Users who submitted a particular form at once, Possible?
My apologies if this has been discussed already! I looked all over but i was not able to find an answer.

So i am trying to find out if i could send an email to all users that submitted a particular form at once. I have a registration form that automatically send out a confirmation when a submission comes in. Now i want to send everyone who registered a reminder. Any ideas on how i can do that?

Can't think of anything that easily allow you to do this from inside FT. Otherwise, I guess you'll need to look at pulling those email addresses into a different package and handling it there.

If anyone else has a suggestion I'm sure they'll post it up.


Hey blatta,

This is something I've wanted to add for a loooong time, but Martin's quite right: there's nothing built-in that can handle this just yet. What you really need is some sort of mass emailer script; Form Tools is easy to configure to export a list of names and email addresses in a variety of formats. You'll need to locate a script that works for you and import the FT data.

Good luck!

- Ben
Ok, thanks for your help guys!

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