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Multiple forms on same page - file not uploading.
I have a page with multiple forms on it. Some, but not all of the forms have file upload fields in them. However, they refuse to upload the file, even though, in the field options, I have added the correct filetype to the settings. My question is, does formtools do any file properties search to see if the file is too large for the settings and how does it react if it is the wrong filetype. I get no complaints at all from formtools .... but it refuses to upload any files. The rest of the data from the text fields etc. is being stored fine.

Hey Dave,

No, from outside of Form Tools there's no error checking with file uploads at all - at least, no way to determine if problems occurred. *Within* Form Tools it will provide a descriptive message of the cause, but not from your form itself.

I know this is a big deficiency but it's just one of those things that hasn't been addressed yet.

Sorry Dave, I feel like the harbinger of bad news today....!

- Ben

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