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no update button in FormTools vers 1.5.1
Hi there,

I am currently running formtools 1.5.1 and would like to upgrade to the new vers 2

However there is no update button by my vers 1.5.1 (in program settings) so I'm not sure how to update to version 2

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Hi John,

No, I'm afraid there's no way to update your FT1 database directly to FT2. The scripts were simply too different to allow for an update of this magnitude.

Instead, Form Tools 2 has a module to allow you to import your data from your old Form Tools 1 database, leaving the original script - files and database - untouched. This seemed the best approach to ensure that if anything went wrong, you could stick with your FT1 installation.

It works like this: you install Form Tools 2 on your server, then import your Form Tools 1 data. When you're happy with the way it's looking and working, you switch over your forms to point to the new Form Tools 2 installation.

You can read the full documentation and download the module here:

Having said all this, I've heard of a couple of problems with the module. If you end up trying this and run into problems, please let me know! Smile

- Ben
Thanks Ben for the detailed answer - i'll give it a go as you've outlined

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