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Theme upgrade gives wrong version
Not sure under which fora to put this but I guess installation will do even if it's about upgrade ;-)

When checking for upgrade among other things it tell me there are new versions of the themes, and zip is said to contain this
Zipfile contents:
Classic Grey (1.0.5)
Deep Blue (1.0.4)

However, after downloading, expand and uploading to server, logging out (which tells me it updated the beta version), logging in again and check for updates it tells me I have

Classic Grey (1.0.4)
Deep Blue (1.0.3)

and now

Classic Grey (1.0.5)
Deep Blue (1.0.4)

are available. So I let oit create a zip for me but it contains the same files exactly as included in the beta upgrade. So something is wrong here, either it pick wrong set of files or it simeply miss to update the version parameter ;-)
REplying to myself, appearently by clicking the buttons Update and REfresh Theme list in the Themes part of admin so actually update the version values, but should that really be necessary after an update?
Hi Yettn,

I wouldn't worry too much. The files you downloaded all correct - I just messed up updating the theme info files. I decided I wouldn't make another release just to fix the release numbers - that seemed just too ironic. Wink This will be fixed when I next make upgrades / fixes to those themes, which probably won't be long.

Sorry about that! I'm still hammering down the release procedure to weed out problems like this. Issue #124124987 to add to the glitch list!

- Ben

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