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Form Field Input Is Clipped Short
I have a form field for email addresses and the size is set to 35. I have tested the form and it submits successfully. But when I choose to view the entry, the email input was clipped off after 20 characters. I have actually input more characters but the submission view shows "info@garycooperinsur" instead of "". Can someone tell me why?

Here is my code if it helps:
<input type="text" name="email" value="" size="35" tabindex="1">

Thanks in advance,
Hi Todd,

Thanks for the post!

Whenever you see content getting trimmed like this, the #1 culprit is the database field size allocation.

Try logging into Form Tools, click the EDIT link for the form and go to the Database tab. There, check the field size for that field is at least "Medium".

Note: it won't fix it for any existing submissions. But try putting through another and see if it shows up normally now.

- Ben

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