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email submission to user only if requested
I'm wondering if this is possible, although I think it probably isn't. I would like to have a field on the form that asks the user if they would like to receive a copy of the submission. It would be a radio button group - one yes and one no. Then, somehow there would have to be a way to check for a value of yes in that field. And if the field = yes, then include the user email in the notification email.

I'd imagine that there isn't a way to do this, but I'd like to know for sure whether it's possible or not.
Hi CalicoGirl,

Sure! You can do this with the Awesome Power of Views. This is actually a good idea for a tutorial.

In brief, here's how you'd do it:
1. In your form, add the "Yes, I'd like to receive a copy of this form" checkbox / radio button group, and configure it in Form Tools so that information is being stored.
2. Make a copy of any of your existing Views for that form, and call it something like "User: Request Email" or something more descriptive.
3. Add a new Standard Filter to the View. This filter would limit the results in that View to only show results that have "Yes" for that new field you added.
4. Create a new email template for the email content that will be submitted to the user. The key is to then map that email template to your new View, so that it only gets sent for submissions that appear in that View (i.e. the user's have requested "Yes" to the email question).
To do this, click on the Advanced Settings section on the Add/Edit Template -> Configuration tab and select the View in the "When Sent" dropdown option.

And that's pretty much it!

This covered rather a lot of ground rather speedily, so do let me know if I wasn't clear on anything.

- Ben

I thought that this solution might work as a temporary workaround for the 'email not being submitted when using paypal' issue. But it doesn't seem to.

Would you expect that?


Hi Martin,

Ah no, the two problems are actually distinct. PayPal uses the ft_finalize_submission() function to finalize submissions - THAT's what should be sending the emails. However, there's a bug in that function: it simply doesn't send the emails. (See: I'll be fixing it in the next release. If you need it sooner, let me know and I'll post the new code.

CalicoGirl - I just documented a solution to your problem in the following tutorial:

- Ben
Thanks so much Ben! You are awesome and Form Tools is awesome.
I tried it out and it worked perfectly! Ben, did I mention how awesome you are? :-)

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