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form submissions as login-page
I want to simplify the clients view so that they can only see submissions of a particular form.
This works fine, except that the login-page can not be linked to a submissions page.
Can you add the option to select a form submissions page as login-page?
Is there any way to do this manually? (using page-identifier client_form_submissions does not work.)

best regards, Hannes.
I just found ft_api_login()

PHP Code:
"login_url" => "" 

delivers only an blank page.
Huh, you're the second person to request this.

Yes, it should definitely be there. I'll make this a higher priority one.

- Ben
Hello, Apparently I'm the third person (only?) to request this…
It strange that despite the abundance of useful options of FT, the very basic one being able to select a particular form submission for login-redirection is still missing.
Maybe is it possible to raise the priority level to AAA ?

Thanks Wink

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