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Form Tools not receiving the test submission
Hello, The installation works up to step 3 where a test form is filled in and submitted. Note that the existence of the form and the redirect URLs are verified in step 2.

In Step 3 the form tags are in place as instructed using the DIRECT method pointing the form to Form Tools.

I get the message that: Form Tools hasn't received a successful test submission yet.

Can you suggest what I might have done wrong or if there is a step I have missed.
The permissions are set to 755 on these folders: formtools, themes, default, cache. When I tried setting those permissions to 777 I got 404 errors.

Suggestions please? Thanks.
Hi Jonathan,

It sounds like one of the following:
1. Your form tag doesn't have a method="post" attribute
2. Your form doesn't have a hidden field passing the form ID. Also, double check the form ID being passed is correct (you can find the form ID on the main Forms page in Form Tools).

The hidden field should look something like this:

<input type="hidden" name="form_tools_form_id" value="X" />

- Ben
Thank you. I don't know why but I had been through the steps you suggested seven times using copy and paste but no joy until the eighth time. Why? Who knows. Anyway it seems to be fixed. Smile

One more question. Maybe I'm being stupid but on the "Add Form" page there are buttons that start with "Administrator Only" What are the implications of selecting any one of these choices? and if I need to change that later how do I go about making that change? Thanks.
Hey Jonathan,

Strange! However, if there's even one thing that's not quite right, the test submission may not make it. Glad it's working now though.

And no, don't worry about the settings. Everything in the Add Form process can be customized later - including form fields, permissions, form locations, you name it. It's all done via the Edit Form pages. So don't be afraid to just use some setting that you're not totally clear on.

You may want to give the Add Form doc pages a quick read over:

They're pretty thorough and cover a lot of ground. But let me know if there's anything missing or out of date.

Good luck!

- Ben

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