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After Installation, Login Issues
Hi guys,

I have used formtools before and never have I had so many problems. I have installed formtools successfully, and at the point where I have removed the "Install" folder from my web server and want to log in, clicking on the provided link, I am only directed to my index.html page. For some or other reason the "formtools" directory where FT is installed gets missed. When I type in the url http://www.mysite.domain/formtools I do however get to the login page, but not any further. Again when I edit the url manually I get access, but it's like no CSS is present, really strange layout in default fonts, and this is basically how far it will allow me...

See attachment!

I've installed formtools in the following directory... http://www.mysite.domain/formtools

Could this cause the issue, if I remember correctly this is how I did it previously...

Please any sugestions are very welcome!

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Hi Reniervn,

Hmmm! It looks like maybe sessions aren't working on your system - or not able to store all the info in them.

Try this - it's a bit of a long shot, but worth a try. Edit your /global/config.php file and add this line:

PHP Code:
$g_session_type "database"

That will tell the script to store sessions in the database instead of using the default PHP sessions. Sometimes this can circumvent session issues.

- Ben
is formtools are compatible with linux os?

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