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Hey Ben!

I have a question regarding a potential feature.
One of the problems with having multiple clients accessing a single form is the fact that no one knows who the last person to edit the submission was.

Without that knowledge, you can't determine if the last edits were approved by the right people or not.

I guess my idea is an Auditing System of sorts. Either accomplished submission-level or logged via other means.

We all know that we can see the last time a submission was edited by the Last Edited field in the submission box. However, would it be possible to put the Client's ID number of the last person who edited a profile into another field as well?

Another approach I'd be curious to see would be a logging system of sorts of changes that occur to any submission. Like the actual change is recorded vs the old change. That way someone can go back (such as an IT member) and see when submissions get deleted or changed to remove vital information.

Thank you very much for reading this! Big Grin

This sounds like a great potential feature!
Agreed! :-)

I started work on a Submission History module a while back. The idea was that it would log ALL changes to a module, including who made the change. I'll bump that one up on the list of priorities.

- Ben
Nice! Thanks, Ben!

You really owe me after the unfortunate Olympic hockey final. I hold grudges a L-O-N-G time...
Haha Smile I live in Vancouver and I gotta admit, I didn't follow the Olympics at all - EXCEPT the tremendous Olympic hockey final.

But yes, I must get on this one though. I got sidetracked this weekend working on a Google Chrome extension. I'll try to get to this soon.

- Ben
Another vote from me for this feature :-)
Okay, this one's a go: I have a client that requires it up and running in the next couple of months, so I can't avoid it any more!

- Ben

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