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Allow for more than one redirect page
Hi Ben,

I have been testing FT2 by using 2 forms on 2 different websites that are related together which works a treat as I want to gather submissions on one database on one of the websites.

However the issue I have is the redirect page and at present it only allows for one. As these are two websites that are differently designed, it is only limited to having one redirect page to one of the designs of the websites.

So would it be possible to have more than one redirect page for each websites' forms, e.g.

Website 1 Form - redirect to a page in Website 1
Website 2 Form - redirect to a page in Website 2

at present I believe it's like this:

Website 1 Form - redirect to a page in Website 1
Website 2 Form - redirect to a page in Website 1

Please let me know if this is unclear.

Hi Tony,

Hope all is well! Sorry for my absence in the forums of late, just finishing up a load of work.

Sure, you can do this by including a hidden field in your form called form_tools_redirect_url, like so:

<input type="hidden" name="form_tools_redirect_url" value="" />

That will then redirect to the appropriate URL. I use this feature all the time - very handy! (Come to think of it, though, I'm not sure where it's documented... hmm!)

- Ben
Hi Ben,

Thanks once again for this fix. I was just thinking that this might be a bonus if you added it into the admin page when selecting multiple page forms. Just an idea that may make it more easier for people to configure.

Hope you're well too. Also I hope you got all your work done.


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