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Submission date
Hi i want to change the format of the Submission date from the standard to 10/10/2010 format, where do i change this?
Hi Chrisamanko,

Sure, no problem! This is actually a user account-specific setting. The database always stores the date info as a datetime, but you can change how it shows up.

To change it for the administrator, log into Form Tools (as the admin) and click on "Your Account". There, in the Date Format field, enter: d/m/Y (that'll output a two digit day, two-digit month, four-digit year).

In case that's not quite what you want (e.g. no zero-padding, check out the formatting rules here:

To change it for all existing client accounts, you'll need to edit each account. For all future client accounts, you can make that same change on the Settings -> Accounts page.

Hope this helps -


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