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Upcoming Versions - Plan
Hey all,

This post keeps track of what's included in the upcoming features and bug fixes for the Form Tools Core. Please continue to use this forum (Feature Suggestions) to request whatever features you need and I'll sift through them all and come up with a plan.


Form Tools Changelog:
- This page lists all versions of Form Tools including the current Beta, their changes and bug fixes.


2.0.3 - security - ONGOING BETA
- adding assorted settings regarding the passwords (all optional)
-- minimum length
-- max failed login attempts before account disabled
-- required characters (numbers, uppercase and special chars !@#$%^&)
-- password history (last X passwords prohibited)

Bug fixes:
#238 Administrator -> adding client doesn't check that username isn't already taken
#237 Searchable date range dropdown not working
#236 Install script: step 4 doesn't continue property if permissions prevent creation of config.php file
#235 Updating database field size on Edit Field tab doesn't actually update table

2.0.4 - general, minor improvements
- UI changes:
-- "Themes" page moved out of Settings and places at the top level along with Modules.
-- "Check for Upgrades" button on the Settings -> Main tab moved to the header, after the version number.
- Upgrades to the login mechanism to give better control over password security level.
- Option to control the filenames of uploaded files.
- Installation script:
-- option to define charset
-- option to override incorrectly identified MySQL version

2.1.0 - Form Builder
- I'll be working on this version while releasing other 2.0.x releases.

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