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Say hello!
Hi everybody,

I'm Yavor and I've just installed that I could say really amazing script FT.

Nice to meet you all!

I just recently found this site and am very interested in form tools. I work for a nonprofit organization that cares for abused, neglected, and abandoned children. I have been tasked with the duty of creating some online forms for a website I created for our organization. Needless to say, but creating a website and creating dynamic content are two very different things. I'm not really sure but I think that form tools can help me out. Could someone direct me to or help me understand just what it can offer? I understand CSS and HTML but am lost when it comes to PHP and MySQL... do I need a complete understanding to use this program? I'll save the other questions for the person or page I'm directed to. I must say though that I'm excited about the possibility of learning this program!

Hi Jimmy,

Welcome to the forums! Sorry I didn't respond sooner - I've been away this last week.

So.. intro to Form Tools!? If I were you, I'd check out the demo (which has a few kinks right now, so let me know if you have problems) and see how it's incorporated into a simple site:

Also, there's a LOT of documentation available to help out. The homepage does a pretty good job of quickly summarizing the different components, but this page isn't bad either:

Good luck with the project...!

- Ben
Hello everyone
I'm using form tools for a while and its a great tool!
Now I upgrate from 1.1.0 to 2.2.0 and i'm loving even more!!

Honestly I just trying to put together checkboxes...

Great work and I will try to improve portuguese translations because they are not the best Smile


I just want to say hello and thank you for this great tool I just discovered. I will of course talk to my friend and over internet about it Wink
Hello all, this is Kampstand, alias ZOD. I am a new user in this forum. I am using this tool for the first time and it seems I have no idea what it does. I wish someone could tell me and show me. Until now, I have nothing but questions.
well, take care

My name is nick and I am looking for a resource that will allow me to powerfully manage form data.

I work in the construction industry and we have several large forms that we constantly have to fill out for different projects. We would like a way to electronically manage the form data, allow us to auto enter it on various forms, allow us to hide certain parts of the form based on necessity, etc (fasdasdf - checking spell check on these forums, cause I think I spelled necessity wrong, anyway that's neither here nor there)

I am hoping form tools will allow me to upload/create forms, manage the data input on these forms electronically, show a simplified version of the form, but still show the data either in it's simplified form, or in it's original form. Does that make sense?
Hi everyone, I'm riaan, part time amateur web developer by night, health care professional by day. I maintain a website for my hospital, and hope to expand it to other hospitals soon. Data collection is a main function of our website, and I hope Form Tools will be as useful for us as it seems. Looks very promising and a very elegant application.
Just wanted to say hello. My name is John & just purchased your Form Tools. So much programming logic has been worked out with these tools it's fantastic. I'm new to php as well but always enjoy a new challenge.
Hi John,

Welcome to the Form Tools community!



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