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Say hello!
Hi All,
thank you sooo much for this tool, it does exactly what I need. Its a life saver!

I will look around the forums for a solution to this, but here is one for the suggestion box - which I will cross-post there, but you should be able to name the sql table the script will create when you create a Form.

(forgive me for looking to closely into the mouth of this lovely horse you just gave me)
Hello. I have been using FormTools for a few months now, and the more I use it, the more I like it. Not only am I using it to process the contact form on my personal website, I'm using it on two other sites (so far..) I've created as well. As I continue using it, and getting more familiar with it, I hope to be able to provide assistance to somebody here if it's needed.
Hey there somdcomputerguy! Welcome to the forum!


My name is Danny and I am new to this board this is my first post to this board and I want to make some interesting discussions for this . I hope that it would be really good for me to be on this board and I can enhance my knowledge. Thank you and regards.
Hello to everyone. Let me introduce myself to you people. My name is John, belong to England, need help with Form Tools so have joined this forum to learn something from you guys and share my knowledge as well.
Hi, I'm peter, i'm dutch, living in Italy. Just started to use Formtools and it does everything i hoped for. Got a small problem i could use some help with. I'l post that in the appropriate forum!
I'm new to Formtools, but I am poking around with it, it's great.

Do you have a forums where people share forms they have created?

I am currently attempting to develop a form to work on my Joomla! website for internal use at work. I tried some of the form creators that are available as Joomla! extensions, but they are pretty complex. I like the ease of use that I have found so far with Formtools.

Hi Ben,
I'm just becoming acquainted with Form Tools, hoping to incorporate it into my Joomla 3 website. Fortunately my web host provides a Form Tools installer, so I'm most anxious to get started.

All I can post, at the moment, is my positive first impression. I look forward to using Form Tools and I thank you for all your hard work.

I'll post my technical questions separately.

Thanks much


I am David, I am a moderator of Joomla Expert Forum. I am very happy to join this great forum.

I can help everything about joomla.

I'm a webmaster of an italian chemical industry.
Form Tools Rocks! That's All

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