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Say hello!
Hi All

Great to see Form Tools quietly rocking away and building a mature user base.

First used this a year ago in dev mode and will be adding to future live projects soon.

Thanks for your great work!

Quick side note - AlternativeTo lists Form Tools as "Discontinued". I will add a comment to try to get that reversed, perhaps you guys may want to have a look. That site is a great place to introduce your work to passing traffic.
Hello i aam an ubnsatisfied guildmaster if it comes to formtools, verry nifty setup features, however can not find the form i created online or what so ever.

I am 36 years young and if my problem is fixed i will introduce myself correctly...
Hello Ben and everyone else.

I just downloaded Form Tools, but it looks promising.
Hello to all of you, i just have joined and started to test the form with the latest core version. Creating a form was easy but...

Does anyone of you have an example for me where the form entries are getting displayed immediately into the same page where the form is located as sortable table? I am struggling so hard maybe with an example it would be easier for me to understand how it works. I read all those API documentations and honestly i fail to interpret them maybe a language barrier as i am German?

Thank you
Klaus Biesel
HI everyone,

I just stumbled upon Form Tools while looking for an opensource form builder. I am newbie with form tools and would greatly appreciate all the I can get. I have successfully installed formtools and experimenting right now. If someone can actually point out to me how branch logic works in Form Tools it would be a great help.


Hi all My Name is Roberto. This is such a great tool. Congratulation
hello everyboday
Hi everybody,

My name's Raoul and I'm really impressed by the Form Tools demo.

Unfortunately, the admin accounts (admin/pass123 or peggy/pass123) seem not to be OK on my demo instance.

Is this normal ?

Thank you for your help,
Hello, my name is Maurizio and I live in Switzerland.
Thank you for FormTools.
I am just in the beginning to understand the documentations.
Hi All,

I'm excited to use FormTools for our PTA website and for a few other projects. And I'm happy to let others know about it!


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