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RSS Feeds?
Would be cool to have an RSS feed of submissions. Possible uses:

1. Events page. Users submit events and those events can be viewed via RSS or a webpage that displays RSS feeds.

2. Instead of being bombarded by email notifications, admins can subscribe to an RSS and see new submissions
Yeah, that's a interesting feature and nice suggestion !

Anything plan in this direction ?
Actually, something like a calendar of user submitted events using this idea could really work for me, as well.
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Most of the calendar preferences correspond to a Personal Preference of the same name. Note that in all cases, a Personal Preference will override a calendar preference.If you are a power user and want the RSS feed of the page you're currently looking at in the OSU calendar, you just have to add "/rss20.xml" at the end of the url.
It's not that big deal to make it on your own, or? Something like doing a php page which lists submissions from a form in a structured XML-fashion?

I have done this my self a couple of times, and managed to pull it off without being a skilled programmer.
One example that looks nice is:
I recently created my own RSS feed from a particular form by using PHP. The PHP script calls the particular fields from the database and displays them in XML format that is required by RSS. I have it set to posts to the form in the last five days.

I would be happy to give you the PHP code I used, and you can change it as you wish to make it usable for your particular installation-Just PM me!

I totally agree: A XML feed with the data of each form would be really to automatically import it into other solutions. Having a RSS feed just for events is very specific. Probably better would be a broader approach to get the data into other apps.

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