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How to update API submissions?

I have this sneaking suspicion I've seen the code to do this before, but now all of a sudden can't locate anything in documentation or the forums (after over an hour of searching).

I suppose this could be accomplished using a multi-page form, but I have it set up a little different. I want the user to be able to submit the real estate property information in step 1 (address, location, description, etc), and then submit+finalize the form and forward to step 2 where they upload pictures, then step 3 where they enter descriptions for the pictures. If they don't have pictures available yet, I want them to be able to get the info submitted and into the database at the very least so they can come back (say in a day or two) to upload the pictures and input some picture descriptions.

Here's an overview of what I'm trying to accomplish:
step1.php - form data (they're all text fields) submitted from this page; passes 'SID' and 'FID' in the URL to transfer the submission ID + form tools form ID (respectively) to'd look like this:
$nextpage = step2.php?sid=123&fid=9,

step2.php - pulls sid & fid into page; third-party script uploads pictures to external server and creates an array of the filenames; this page contains a form w/ dynamically-generated hidden text fields from the filenames array; upon submission, the form on this page updates the fields in the same submission ID from step1 above, like 'pic1name', 'pic2name', 'pic3name', etc.; 'SID' and 'FID' are passed in the URL again to step3.php.

step3.php - pulls sid & fid into page; dynamically-generates a page showing the uploaded pictures inside a new form, with fields to input picture descriptions.

My core issue: how can I update the submissions in FormTools? I've figured out pretty much all of the rest of this. I'm sure it's something easy that I completely overlooked.

Thanks for any and all help y'all can provide!


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