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error [smarty.include]: failed to open
I have been using FormTools for several years and really like. Ihave just updated to Version 2. When I go to the browser to install the new version I get the following error:
Warning: Smarty::include(\formtools\themes\default\cache\%%5D^5D9^5D971EF4%%index.tpl.php) [smarty.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in ...
Warning: Smarty::include() [function.include]: Failed opening \formtools\themes\default\cache\%%5D^5D9^5D971EF4%%index.tpl.php' for inclusion ...
Would appreciate any help you can provide.
Hello there,

This is a file permission problem to do with the cache folder in the themes directory.

If you are using the default theme, as it appears to be in the above error code, you need to navigate to themes\default and give the cache folder write permissions.

Should work after that Smile

Thank you Seth,
Still getting the error.
I have checked the default and cache directories and both have 777 permissions. The files in these directories have 666 permissions. We are using php running on IIS, could this be a problem?
Would appreciate help on how to fix this.
Hi jwalter,

Yes, that may be a problem. Try deleting the entire contents of the cache folder and log in again. I suspect that may fix it.

- Ben

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