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Autorespond by date
I'm sure this could probably be scripted, but I used a script before that would send out an autoresponse email after a determined amount of days.

For Example: When a user would signup, it would send an email immediately. After 2 days, it would automatically send out another email. After 2 more days another, and so on.

When building a business online, it is imperative to keep fresh in your customer's minds because unlike offline branding, online it is "out of sight, out of mind."

I know it is a lot of coding, if it weren't, I would have created a module myself. Just something to keep in mind for a future release.
Agreed. This was always something I'd planned on covering under a generic "cron / schedule task" module / core update. You could assign various tasks like this - send a single "new additions" email every day or so.

I'm definitely keeping this in mind for future releases.

- Ben

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