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Lost Login Details
Not sure where to ask. Have client who had website which used Form Tools. It has been unused for some time and client has suddenly asked for details of persons who registered using Form Tools.

Unfortunately I have mislaid both the User Name and Password of account. Is there a system for recovering these details.

Form Tools folder is still present on site.

Thanks in anticipation.

Brian Lock
Hi Brian,

If you're missing both the username and password, I'm afraid you'll need access to the database to find it out. There's a built-in mechanism for retrieving the password on both Form Tools 1 & 2, but that would require remembering your username.

You might want to just try using it and enter "admin". That's the default administrator password.

Good luck!

- Ben

Thanks for prompt reply. As luck would have it I had saved the initial setup in .pdf format, buried in an inactive folder. Have recovered data.

Keep up the good work.

Brian Lock
Very good to hear! Smile

- Ben

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