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Ok, I'm new to this, so excuse my lack of knowledge. I have a database set up that has all of the forms I need for Form Tools. My problem is I'm starting over and don't know how to connect it with my site.

My site was maintained by the original web designer, so of course he took care of this. My site has been down for a while and now I'm bringing it back up on my own. I don't have the luxury of getting help from the web designer. I have the site up with my hosting company and the database has been created on the same server with all of the files from when we had the site up previously.

Now, I just need to know how to connect the two.

Can anyone help?
Hi Devvy,

Hmmm! So just so I'm clear: Form Tools is already installed and configured with the forms, and you're in the process of getting it all up and running again on a new host. Is it the same domain name?

If so, all you should need to do it modify the /global/config.php file. That contains the MySQL database settings and URL and paths. Updating that should allow you to get the script back on its feet.

Good luck!

- Ben
Thanks Ben,
What if it's not the same domain?

Hi Devern,

That's fine too - but it'll mean that the original paths and URLs won't be correct any more.

But yes, definitely start by editing that file (/global/config.php). Here's a little info more info on it.

Once you're at least up and running to the point when you can log in, you'll probably also need to look in the database and update any references to the old URLs - but we can deal with that next.

- Ben
Thanks again Ben,

That info worked beautifully. However, I have a new problem. When I tested my order form, it skipped the page where the customer verifies their info. It went directly to the "Thank you" page. Also, the order form is not supposed to allow the customer to continue until all required info has been entered. I tried to continue without entering any info and it allowed me to.

What have I done to change these things, because they worked fine before I completed the steps in Form Tools? Oh, in case it helps my orderform url is
Hi Devvy,

No worries! First off, the reason your JS validation isn't working is because there's some JS errors in the page. Nasty thing about javascript is that it doesn't handle errors well (unless you explicitly tell it to), so if there's an error, most times it just stops processing any more code.

Glancing it over, there are two problems:

1. On line 39, this should be "rules.push":
//Billing Info
ules.push("required,BILLINGFIRSTNAME,Please enter Billing First Name.");

2. Secondly, this chunk of code at the bottom references a document.order_form object. I don't see order_form anywhere - but it looks like it's referencing a form. To fix it, just add a name="order_form" attribute to the appropriate form tag.

verify = new verifynotify();
verify.field1 = document.order_form.EMAIL;
verify.field2 = document.order_form.EMAILCONFIRM;
verify.result_id = "email_result";
verify.match_html = "<SPAN STYLE=\"color:blue\">Verified!<\/SPAN>";
verify.nomatch_html = "<SPAN STYLE=\"color:red\">Invalid!</SPAN>";

// Update the result message

With regard to skipping the validation step, that most likely means that you're just feeding the ft_api_process_form() function the wrong URL to link to for the next page. Double check your PHP at the top of that page.

Good luck!

- Ben

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