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Hi Ben & Co.

I've setup a statistical page to show the stats of each view (i.e how many submission for each view).

echo ft_api_show_submission_count(4, 351);

What I'm trying to do is directly link the stat to direct the user to their view list. I.E

Males Dogs
10 - (is linked)
Female Dogs
15 -- (is linked)

So when the user clicks on "10" it redirects them to the view list showing those 10 submissions. I understand in order for this to operate they would need to be already logged into their FT accounts, which they are. But after implementing this, once the user clicks on the stat it redirects them to the FORMS Page, rather than the specific list.

<a href="" target="_blank">
echo ft_api_show_submission_count(4, 351);

Any ideas ?
Nevermind, solved it myself. Smile

use the following code ' added the form_id into the link.

<a href="http://www.yourdomain/admin/forms/submissions.php?form_id=4&view=357">
echo ft_api_show_submission_count(4, 357);
oops, double post.

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