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Error when trying to setup emails to be sent
I am trying to set a form that and am having an error. The form takes in and email for one of the fields, and I want to use that email as the recipient. So i go into the Email tab of the form and click on the "Configure Form Email Fields" button, and when I try to add the email address and I try and added the Field name (Department) it keeps coming back with an error: Sorry, we could not update the email fields. It doesn't matter what field I try and add, it always comes back and gives that error message... Help?
My first step in this would be to check your database for corrupt tables.
Sounds like your db is not serving out the requested information.
Do you have access to your mysql databases? (i.e. via phpmyadmin)

yes i do have access via phpmyadmin.
do you know how to check, optimize and repair tables?
yeah... I just went it and did all three... the First two, Check and optimize come out o.k. Then when I select all tables to repair, and click on repair, it says "The Storage engine for the tables doesn't support repair". It looks like all of the tables are set to type InnoDB
Mine are also set to inno db, with the same result on repair. I'll look more into this, but if the check and optimize came out ok, then repair is probably not needed. I just did a quick on innoDB tables, and it seems that innoDB repairs itself. So I don't think that is the culprit. Refer to this:
--Moving On--
I've just tested adding an email field, and it worked no worries.

Are you able to re-install FT2 or do you have a ton of data in there?
That would be my next step.
I have a fair amount of stuff in there. I may just install a second copy and slow migrate the data over.

Thanks for the help though
Just unzip a fresh copy to a new Directory,
copy /global/config.php from your old install to your new install,
edit to the new paths, and see if it works then, it a good test to see if it's
the physical files are the issue. If that fails, just copy the /install folder to the new
directory, delete /global/config.php in the new dir and continue with a fresh install to a fresh db.

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