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Greetings and Thank You
A big round of applause for Ben and Form Tools 2! What took me so long to realize how useful Form Tools can be?

I ran across FT a few years ago when I created my first online forms. At the time I was trying to learn how to make a basic form and FT was way over my head. Occasionally I ran across it in my Google searches as my form skills improved and my forms got more complex but I never took action to learn it.

I run a small web hosting service for family, friends and close associates. The webmaster of my largest hosted website had a problem with 20-30 spams per day from one of her online forms. She primarily uses HTML and Java tools and doesn't rely on any server based frameworks. I suggested to her that she could include CAPTCHA on her form which was a new concept for her. I currently use MODx as my CMS of choice and it has an eForm snippet that includes CAPTCHA so I knew the benefits.

I had helped her integrate Swiftmailer into a few of her forms a year ago so she wanted me to do the CAPTCHA integration too. She asked me to use reCAPTCHA if I could because she had done some research and liked the fact that it had added benefits. Form Tools showed up again when I Googled for reCaptcha and Swiftmailer. So yesterday I took the plunge and spent a few hours learning Form Tools 2. I'm hooked!

All I can say is "Thank you Ben!" I'll be lurking around the forums and try to help others out whenever I can. Now that I understand what Form Tools is all about I can't believe it took me so long to get here.
Thanks, Chuck! I really appreciate the post!

It's come a long way, I must admit... but there's so much more to do!

I hope it works out well on your new site. Smile
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